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The Artefacts of Man

The Artefacts of Man Intro.jpg

A proposal of a system when one departs the city of Liverpool, then their remains will return to nature, reflecting the full circle of life. At Brunswick Dock, the crematoria will be placed with the procession of the body along water and the ceremony commences, then Port Sunlight will house the final resting place; The ArteFACTORY: a monumental architecture for the city that crafts Raku bricks to create artefacts, re-establishing an embracing attitude towards death in the city. The project will respond to Boullee’s three points of funerary architecture as well as integrating Liverpool’s dock orientated industrial and naval heritage.

Narrative Collage.jpg
franco purini copy.jpg

Franco Purini

rossi plan.jpg

San Cataldo Cemetery - Aldo Rossi

Congregation garden.jpg
Committal Room.jpg
Portsunlight arrival.jpg
boulee cenotaph.jpg

The Temple of Death - Étienne-Louis Boullée

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