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I am an architectural assistant and multi-disiplinary designer from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, recently graduated from my MArch at Manchester School of Architecture. I undertook my undergraduate studies at the Liverpool School of Architecture, graduating in Summer 2019. Currently, I am a Part 2 Architectural Assistant at OMI Architects, with previous experience at Annabelle Tugby Architects and Glenn Howells Architects.

Architecture, for me, is a precondition to create a promising and better way of life. I’m enthusiastic about architecture’s theoretical realm: its historic continuation as well as buildings starting philosophical and moral conversations. On the other hand, I also have a keen interest in craft and its skill; how a material's characteristics can be sensitively considered and applied in the most skillful and appropriate way. The idea of architecture not as a “revolution,” but as evolution and refinement of what has come before. Representation, graphic display, model making are all of interest to me and influence my architecture work and personal work.
CV available upon request.

Based in Manchester, UK.

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