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Subtraction as Architecture: Collective Dwelling in Bradford

PS1-ELEV-201202-Render Street Elevation-

Bradford, the city of quarries. Monoliths and traces of permanence body the city, excavation leaving significant gaps within the landscape, of which some crawl into the urban fabric. The Oastler Square (formerly John Street Market) covers an old sandstone quarry, within proximity of the urban core. With increasing urbanisation and an ageing population, what would urban collective living for all look like? A fine line between permanence and flexibility is struck, providing a framework that can adapt to family needs over time.

In collaboration with Danito Oledan.


Stones of Bradford

people of bradford.jpg
Dom-Ino, Le Corb.png

Dom-Ino, Le Corbusier

PS1-3D-201104-Complete Mplan FRAME axo-J

Stonehenge, Salisbury

201117-3D-BLOCKS AXO-JR.jpg
E Living Room Visual 1P.jpg
Edward Hopper - Office in a Small City,

Office in a Small City, 1953, Edward Hopper

Hopper visual FULL.jpg
Insta posts layout17.jpg

Inhabited Poche walls

Insta posts layout29.jpg

Process of plaster casting

facade 1.jpg
PS1-Elevation Textured single-201202-JR.
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