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Sheep, Industry and the City: Weaving a space of art production in Bradford

Contextual engraving collage DRAFT.jpg

Historical analysis and contextualised thought of place and narrative informed each phase of our design. Focussing on the identity Bradford had gained as a northern settlement and the type of historical events that shaped its landscape. This historic identity, which was irreplaceable from connections with the wool and worsted industry kept us focussed on working with an existing building by adding new components for use as a art gallery. As such, our project becomes just as much about this process of historic identity in the city of Bradford than just it’s finished product.

In collaboration with Jonathan Barker.

Process Drawing Tapestry.jpg

Sheep, The former inhabitants of Bradford

Construction Sequence Axo.gif
Castelvecchio worm eye.jpg
External Gallery AXO copy.jpg
Castelveccio photo.jpg

Castelvecchio, Verona, 21.08.2020

Shop Front Facade AXO mat.jpg
ian beesely.jpeg
Gallery 2.2.jpg
IMG_6378 edit.jpg
IMG_6332 edit.jpg
IMG_6345 edit.jpg
Construction Sequence Model.gif

Iterative Truss experiments

Roof Exploded Axo.jpeg
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