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As part of the Red Bull UK 'Greetings from' documentary series, Manchester was chosen as one of three cities to explore the dynamics of their respective skate scenes. A 'packable spot' was created as a catalyst for an event outside Note Shop, with the notion of keeping the spot secured nearby to have the option of activation. The proportions of forms were set by the parameters of fitting within a larger enclosure, resulting in steep and unique spots to create a dramatic skate experience. After the the event the obstacles took on a new life at a local self-build diy skate space in the city.

Designed with Alastair Gleeson and Victor Kretsis

Special thanks to Harry King

Link to 'Greetings from Manchester' at


Red bull Ramps4.jpg
Red bull Ramps.jpg
Red bull Ramps10.jpg
Red bull Ramps8.jpg
Red bull Ramps6.jpg
Red bull Ramps9.jpg
Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 09.39.16.png
Red bull Ramps7.jpg
Red bull Ramps7.jpg
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