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A collection of physical film prints into 1 bound piece. A book has been hand bound, stitched and organised chronologically to display film pics, in a brown card “accordion bound” style with a kettle stitch spine, all wrapped in linen.

The initial instalment holds prints from July 2017 to June 2019, ordered chronologically in their respective chapters. Each individual page is held within a protective sleeve and sewn into a slot that is attached to the main book structure. Shown are a collection of some of my favourite spreads and chapter introductions.The binding technique adopted was an accordion bind, meaning the spine, theoretically, acts as a single piece of paper folded on alternate sides.

However I sewed together each crease using the kettle stitch method. This binding technique allows each spread to lay flat on a table without closing. Brown card was chosen to contrast the difference between book structure and page.

cover stack.jpg
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