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The project is a visual commentary on the transient nature of scaffolding in the built environment and how it is symbolic of the current state of development in Manchester. highlighting repair, rebirth and redundancy.

Zine - Promoted by Desire Press at Bound Art Book Fair,

Nov 2023, Manchester. Exhibition - Kerb Wine, Jan - Feb 2024, Ancoats

232 x 174mm 56 pages on 120 uncoated Hand bound soft-touch laminated silk with vellum overlay

Chrysalis City Exhibition - single.jpg
Chrysalis City Exhibition3.jpg
Chrysalis City Exhibition.jpg
Post Promo2.jpg
Post Promo.jpg
Post Promo3.jpg
Chrysalis City Exhibition - single3.jpg
Chrysalis City Exhibition2.jpg
Post Promo3.jpg
Chrysalis City Exhibition - single2.jpg
Chrysalis City Exhibition4.jpg
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