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An Architecture of Independence

A social space - collage.jpg

A monumental institution for living, can an architectural language represent someones phase of their life? “An Architecture for Independence” is a place to stay for young adults that are moving out from their parents house yet don’t have the finances to move into full accommodation immediately, a scenario many students and young professionals encounter when “leaving the nest.” This building addresses that niche age range and is a socially conscious solution, as well as a suggestion of connecting independent living and monumentality as an architectural style.


Essai sur l'Architecture (1755,) Abbe Marc-Antoine Laugier


Species of Spaces and other pieces - George Perec

a pattern laguage.jpg

A Pattern Language - Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein

perec sketchs.jpg
Palladio - Villa Rotunda.jpeg

Villa Rotunda - Andrea Palladio

Ground floor 1-100.jpg
Front elevation.jpg
oma venice.jpg

Il Fondaco dei Tedeschi - OMA

Interior Visual.jpg
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